About Me

Where the world of literature meets the world of business

This blog began in 2013 to address the lack of critical analysis of literary works and academic criticism emerging from the Caribbean on the online sphere. After leaving university, the owner went right into the world of work and discovered a love for marketing and the world of business in general with its fast-paced nature.

However, the owner quickly realized that there was a lack of well-written articles on business in the Caribbean online. This website was now beset with bringing to life two interests: the literary and the corporate.

Still want to know more about this blog? Here are a few cold, hard facts about its owner:

  • The owner of this blog is a multipotentialite. That means that she is very capable at a number of different things. This blog with it’s multiple interests is a reflection of her numerous skills.
  • She is a Master’s Graduate in Caribbean Studies in the stream of Literatures in English (obtained from UWI Cave Hill)
  • In the world of work, she has held down jobs in the areas of web content, online marketing and brand marketing. She’s also been a journalist, a teacher and a store manager.
  • Her skillset includes everything from HTML to Hootsuite to Spanish
  • Her interests include creating digital content, reading Shakespeare’s plays, photography and charitable causes
  • She is the owner of a cat named Christmas
  • 20-something year old
  • She can be contacted at musingmisnomer@gmail.com