The Artium

cropped-2013-01-13-07-02-551.jpgA recent development has managed to interrupt the myopic focus on my dissertation and has also served to re-inspire my interest in critical criticism of drama and creative work in the Caribbean in general. Recently, I was privileged enough to be invited to a new project. This opportunity was extended by a former lecturer who taught Drama and Theatre in the Caribbean, as well as some typical drama courses such as Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama, etc at the University of the West Indies. The project he is spearheading is called “The Artium”. The purpose of The Artium is to re-energize the languishing drama movement at the University of the West Indies. It is led by undergraduate students who seem very passionate about the need for union and community of critics, playwrights, script-writers, actors at our campus.

What this has to do with this blog is that it has re-inspired me to continue the good work I had started on this blog, but had unfortunately stalled once I got into my thesis. It had also stalled because I found I was the only one who seemed interested in critiquing dramatic work of the Caribbean online, and that was a very lonely place to be. I found solace in other blogs that I also manage, on blogspot and tumblr. As well as other social media websites such as twitter and livejournal, all of which I allow myself to be far more informal in discussing literature, drama and popular culture in general. Still I have come to understand that the formal standard I had set for this blog has worth as well as it can be used as an aside tool of criticism for future students of Caribbean literature. Particularly for undergraduate students as the lack of comprehensive, straightforward analysis for Caribbean drama criticism on the internet leaves much to be desired.


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